iSBTc 24th Annual Meeting

October 29 - 31, 2009                                                                                  
Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center
Washington, D.C.


Program Purpose 

The iSBTc Annual Meeting allows for the exchange of the most cutting edge preclinical and clinical data on the use of biological therapies in cancer. Sessions on clinical trial design, navigating the regulatory issues, as well as the most current concepts on biologic and immunotherapeutic approaches will occur, allowing investigators to share and build on their data.

iSBTc is ideally positioned to meet these identified needs and bridge the practice gap of our learners. iSBTc’s strength lies in its history of organizing successful Annual Meetings which assemble key constituents and produce scientifically significant discussions regarding relevant issues in biological therapy for the treatment of cancer. By addressing and fulfilling these needs, iSBTc is enabling productive, effective, and efficient research and therapy with biologic and immunologic agents. Ultimately this scientific exchange and collaborative environment will lead to better cancer patient outcomes.

As such, the iSBTc Annual Meeting program format and content created through identified needs/practice gaps identified will encourage and allow for:

  • Exchange between basic and clinical researchers, thus improving the caliber of the science in both.
  • Discussion on potential hurdles in biologic therapy from the regulatory and trial design perspective.
  • Fostering mentoring of junior investigators on the state of research in today's environment and potential funding opportunities.
  • Discussion of new and novel therapies based on the research presented.
  • Interactions with biotechnology to allow access to new and novel agents for clinical development.

 Download 2009 Final Program
Download Final Program