iSBTc 24th Annual Meeting

Hot Topic Symposium:
Positive Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Outcomes

10:30am - 12:00pm
October 31, 2009Hot Topics Panel
Gaylord National Hotel
Washington, D.C.

Symposium Chairs

Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD
University of Chicago

Drew M. Pardoll, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


This cutting-edge session presented exciting new data on recent positive phase III immunotherapy clinical trials.  Attendees included clinical trialists, pharmaceutical representatives, and basic researchers working in the area of cancer immunology and immunotherapy.  Presentations on primary data from these studies were followed by discussion by faculty commentators.

Program Goals
  1. Present the latest promising data from cancer immunotherapy clinical trials showing positive clinical outcome data. 
  2. Review the details of these studies in terms of clinical trial design, scientific endpoints, and specifics of the agent being investigated.
  3. Discuss these data with respect to other recent clinical trials that were not successful at meeting designated endpoints.
  4. Utilize these exciting new observations as a springboard for considering how to take the therapeutic approach further and move to the next steps in development.
Intended Learner Outcomes
Upon completion of this meeting, participants will be able to:
  1. Summarize the most recent advances in the clinical application of cancer immunotherapeutics.
  2. Solidify collaborations among the various members of academia and industry to consider how to build upon these data for new clinical trial concepts and initiatives.  
  3. Understand the key elements to achieving success with immunotherapy clinical trial approaches. 
  4. Generate new hypotheses generated from these clinical studies for interrogation in laboratory-based preclinical investigations.  
 Speakers   (View Presentation Slides)
 Larry W. Kwak, MD, PhD - MD Anderson Cancer Center
     "Therapeutic Vaccines for Lymphoma: a Tale of Bench to Bedside Translation"
Doug J. Schwartzentruber, MD - Goshen Center for Cancer Care
     "A Phase III Multi-Institutional Randomized Study of Immunization with the gp100:209-217 (210M) Peptide Followed by High Dose IL-2 vs. High Dose IL-2 Alone In Patients with Metastatic Melanoma"

David L. Urdal, PhD - Dendreon Corporation
  “Development History of Sipuleucel-T: Progress of an Active Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer”

Jianda Yuan, MD, PhD - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
     "NY-ESO-1 Specific Responses in Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer Treated with Ipilimumab"

Matteo Vergati, MD - National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research
"Circulating Regulatory T Cell Function and Overall Survival in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Poxviral-Based Vaccine"